What Little Ones Want


portstoriesHolidays are cherished by all, whether they admit it or not, and what better place to share it in than in our own town—the beautiful, charming waterside town of Port Washington.

And nobody likes the holidays more than our little ones, many of whom wait all year to announce their long-awaited toys and games. Brett wants a bunny rabbit. Samantha wants a desk. James, like many kids, wants some video games.

But that’s not all they want. Port News spoke to some children and asked them what they want this season, what they’ve been dreaming about all year or maybe since last week. For many, the best part of the holiday is being together with loved ones and rare time with distant relatives.

Here are some of the things Port kids are wishing for this year. It may just give readers some ideas of what they can give their own darlings at home this season:

James Pittard, third grade: “One of my favorite things during the holidays is giving presents to my sisters. And I like the dinner my mom cooks—turkey, with her special gravy, mashed potatoes and peas. There’s nothing special I want this season except for SwapForce and Infinity—two Wii video games.”

Jensen Weingard, fifth grade: “I love holidays because it’s fun to spend time with your family and you get a lot of presents. I want a zipline in my backyard and I think it’s a good possibility because my aunt and parents may be buying it together for my family. We’d put it between two trees in my backyard.”

Samantha Cohen, first grade: “I want a desk to do my homework, and I want it painted white with a mirror and I want a little American girl bed, a real fancy, fancy one! My favorite part about Hannukah is getting presents and opening them.”

Jake Lieber, Preschool 3s: “I love Hannukah. I like lighting the menorah and I love getting presents. This year, I want a Buzz Lightyear and a Woody.”

Ezra Loewy, second grade: “I like getting presents and everyone’s happy this time of year. For two days, there is a giant party at my house.”

Zachary Neidoff, second grade: “I say the same as Ezra, but I like going to my relative’s house in Connecticut.”

Brandon Moskowitz, third grade: “I like spending time together with my family at my cousin Alec’s house. I haven’t asked for anything special yet this year.”

Andrew Myles, fifth grade: “This year I really hope to get the new FIFA 14 Soccer X-Box video game. I can’t wait to play it with my brother.”

Brett Samuels, third grade: “I really would love to get a bunny rabbit. I’d even pay for it with my own money that I’ve saved up from selling my own rainbow-loom bracelets. My mom says we already have a goldfish and a dog. I still want a bunny.”

Abbe Sloane, Preschool 4s: “I want another American Girl doll, but one with straight hair. My older cousins gave me their old dolls and now I’d like a new one with shoes. I also want white earmuffs.”

Good luck to all the parent “Santas” of the Port Washington News.

Here’s one good old-fashioned tip if you feel like giving the gift of time spent together—something without material value:

•Take your son or daughter to the Port Washington Public Library—sign them up for their very own library card (if they don’t already have one). This will make them feel important and better yet, their first step in using the excellent resources of our Port community.

•After their card is issued, have a stroll downstairs in the Children’s Room for a book or two. Read them together or alone. There’s also DVDs galore downstairs. Pick out a couple movies for the long week and grab a box of microwavable popcorn on the way home. You’re set for the night. Some quiet time bonding can be one of the best, most memorable gifts of all. Happy holidays.