Waterfront Moratorium Extended


The Town of North Hempstead board recently extended the six-month waterfront business district moratorium on Manhasset Bay in Port Washington four more months until Nov. 1. The extension was passed on June 5 to allow the board to further analyze comments it has received from residents regarding the existing B-W code enacted in 2009.

The original local law passed on Dec. 19, 2017, stated, “the town board of the Town of North Hempstead finds that it is in the best interest of the town to impose a 180 day moratorium on the development of certain real property in the hamlet of Port Washington identified in Section 2 hereof, requiring the issuance of building permits, demolition permits, special permits, or any other discretionary approval. The moratorium will give the town board the opportunity to consider changes in town zoning regulations to better support water dependent businesses, public access to the waterfront, and preservation of the town’s nautical heritage and history.”

The town is currently working on a draft of zoning changes for the district, explained director of communications for the Town of North Hempstead Carole Trottere.

“The town has received invaluable comments from interested residents, businesses, community groups and public officials as to zoning code changes affecting the district,” said Trottere. “However, in consideration of the approaching end of the moratorium, the town requires more time to continue to analyze the comments it has received and formulate proposed zoning code changes.”

Residents Forward, formerly Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington, had gone before the board in support of the moratorium on Dec. 19 and are grateful for the four-month extension.

“Residents Forward is grateful for Supervisor Bosworth and Councilwoman De Giorgio’s decision to grant this extension, which reflects our community’s input,” said Residents Forward committee chairs Dawn Serignese and Jennifer Rimmer. “Residents looks forward to partnering with the town to develop a sustainable solution to the Port waterfront zoning issue that takes into account our vibrant community’s needs and continues to give our residents a voice in the process.”


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