Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes For Budget And Sloan


As a proud Schreiber alum, class of 1990, the Port Washington School District is particularly important to me. After graduating from Schreiber, I went on to receive my BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. These accomplishments are largely due to the opportunities afforded to me during my time as a student in Port Washington. My childhood experiences here have led me back, and my husband and I are raising our children here and gratefully watching them thrive in the Port schools.

My involvement as a parent and volunteer at the elementary, middle and high school levels has afforded me a ringside seat to the outstanding work the faculty and administrators do on a daily basis. Their commitment to excellence is seen everyday in the classrooms of our schools.Port Washington News

The fiscally responsible budget adopted by our BOE this year is an excellent example of the hard work of our administrators to ensure that we meet the needs of our students while being responsible to the taxpayers of Port Washington.

The addition of four elementary school teachers and five elementary school sections, three ENL teachers, a bilingual ENL teacher, a business teacher at Schreiber and a guidance counselor at Schreiber are all necessary to maintain our quality educational programs.

The addition of four new security aids will allow for increased security at all of our schools. No one is immune to the realities of the world, and this goes a long way to ensure that we are protecting the most valuable in our community: our children.

The leadership of Karen Sloan, as president of the BOE for the last seven years and trustee for the last nine, has been a magnificent guiding hand for the district. Her outstanding ability to help navigate the district through so many changes in education law and tax law has ensured that our students have continued to receive a superior education.

I urge you to join me and vote yes for the school budget and vote for Karen Sloan. Our children deserve the best we can offer and a yes vote for the budget and a vote for Karen Sloan are the right choices for Port Washington. —Alexis Siegel



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