Vote For The Flower Hill Party


The Village of Flower Hill is having a contested election on March 18 for mayor and three trustees. As residents of the Village of Flower Hill since 1968, we are very pleased with the leaders of the current administration. Brian Herrington deserves to be elected mayor replacing Robert McNamara. The Flower Hill Party trustee slate, including Lewandowski, McNamara and Rosenbaum, also deserve to be elected. Together, they have the experience needed to maintain stability in the village. They have demonstrated great leadership and fiscal responsibility with stable taxes. They also are involved in the community and have enhanced the quality of life for children and adults with parks, etc. They also are environmentally conscious trying to protect the environment as best they can in our county. They listen to the residents’ concerns and work within the parameters allowed them. They always have the best interest of their citizens. They have demonstrated a true respect for the values of village residents.

Please vote for the Flower Hill Party slate on March 18.

—Catherine and Lionel Mailloux