Village Dental Brushes Into Port


Most people fear the thought of going to the dentist and having someone prod away in their mouth, but Doctor of Dental Surgery Andrew Levy hopes to make going to the dentist a welcomed experience for Port residents. Port born and bred, Levy came back to Port in 2016 to start a family and decided to open a second practice in his hometown called Village Dental PW.

“I wanted to work and open up here and start from where I grew up and where I want to raise my family,” said Levy. “I just recently got married last year and we’re expecting a baby and we moved back to Port. There’s a dental lab across the hall and we had mutual friends and this was basically just concrete. Mutual friends were looking for a dentist to come in here and work so it all kind of made sense. I came in here and the views are beautiful.”

Doctor Andrew Levy opened a dental center in his hometown of Port.

Levy went to Manorhaven Elementary School all the way up to Schreiber High School and then went on to SUNY Albany. After graduating undergrad, Levy attended New York University College of Dentistry for four years and did his residency at Woodhull Medical Center in Brooklyn. Levy jumped right into his own practice, opening his first office in Manhattan through a rental chair, which later grew into a four-chair office in Union Square, Village Dental NYC.

“I hope to bring the same expertise as Manhattan which is a friendly environment, trying to make the dental office as fun as possible, having updated technology—everything is digital—and just a warm and easy-going feeling for all the patients,” said Levy who will be splitting his time between the Port and New York City locations. “We let the patients play their own music, we have these bright windows they could look out and it doesn’t feel like they’re in a dental cell.”

Along with making sure patients feel at home in his office, Levy feels that his office’s ability to be a kind of one-stop shop separates him from others. Village Dental PW has a dental lab across the way where things like crowns, bridges, implants and dentures can be made in a few days time. So instead of impressions being sent out to a lab, taking weeks, Levy and Smile Design Dental Lab are able to speed up the process. Specialists from Smile Dental Lab are also able to come to Levy’s office and give one-on-one consultations.

“The other thing that separates us is that we try to keep everything in-house and try to do everything like all types of procedures, implants, root canals, bridges, so it will hopefully be a one-stop shop for patients so they don’t have to go to all different specialists and then come back,” said Levy.

Levy explains that taking care of one’s dental hygiene is extremely important as problems in the mouth can indicate problems in the rest of the body.

“It’s very important to come and get a minimum of two checkups and cleanings a year, not just for dental health but for overall body health,” said Levy. “Everything starts in the mouth, any type of bad bacteria or problems in the mouth can get into the bloodstream and cause issues to the body, whether it’s heart disease or diabetes or infections.”

Village Dental PW located at 85 Old Shore Rd. Suite 201, Port Washington is for all ages and is open to residents by appointmet only at this time. For an appointment, call 516-465-5777 or visit and search Andrew Levy. For more information, visit