Vikings Homecoming Game

Vikings celebrating.
(Photos by James Maguire-Skybox Images)

During the Pride in Port celebration on Sept. 24, Schreiber’s Vikings Football team played their Homecoming game against Uniondale. Last year the team didn’t play against Uniondale, but Coach Kevin Cloghessy was confident about the team’s performance. This is Coach Cloghessy’s fifth year as the team’s head coach.

“Pride in Port is always a special game and day for the Port Washington community,” said Cloghessy. “The support during homecoming was awesome, the turnout was truly remarkable. It is something the team looks forward to each season.”

Earlier in the season, Schreiber High School student Lucas Milgrim spoke to Coach Cloghessy about his expectations for the team this year.

“The game plan is to focus on ourselves and continue to build from one day to the next,” said Cloghessy. “Setting the tone early is very important.”

Schreiber won their first game of the season against Freeport with a score of 37-36. The team went on to win their second game against Old Westbury with a score of 15-14.

After the two wins, the Vikings got the confidence boost they needed to play hard and dominate in the next game. The Vikings won their homecoming game against Uniondale with a score of 14-7.

“I am happy for the team because they played really hard and made enough plays to secure a win vs Uniondale,” said Cloghessy.

With a 3-0 winning streak, the Vikings have started their season strong. In Milgrim’s pre-season article he acknowledged that “while these early-season games are essential to the team’s record and eventual playoff position, they are also crucial to building team chemistry and developing solid players.”

—Information provided by Schreiber student Lucas Milgrim with additional reporting by Julie Prisco