Trustee Questions Decency In Manorhaven


Our country is founded on a cooperative spirit, a sense of fair play and basic decency. When one team wins, the losers don’t run out on the court booing and calling names. No, instead they shake hands, pat the winners on the back, and say.. good game!
Last Tuesday when I opened The Port Washington News, I was appalled, but mostly saddened, to see an ad by the entire Residents Party—I have never seen an ad like this on any governmental level after any election.
It spoke of continued bitterness, mudslinging,and lies. But, most of all sadly, it spoke of a lack of cooperative team spirit, fair play and basic decency. Frankly, I’m surprised the newly elected candidates—Priscilla Von Roeschlaub and Kevin Gately condoned it. Especially when under their very photos James Avena congratulates them for winning Manorhaven trusteeships to advance the Residents Party’s agenda.
Rather than to serve and represent the best interests of all residents who voted, no matter what their views, or their vote, this partisanship clearly and sadly disenfranchises all those residents.
Our village government is not about partisan politics or sore losers. But rather about good people you trust to work together for you.
In that spirit, our board welcomes Priscilla and Kevin, and we look forward that through our transparent and open government they will see firsthand that the mudslinging and lies in this ad are just that and are unnecessary.
We congratulate them and look forward to working with them, and we also extend our heartfelt appreciation and good wishes to our former trustees Mark Lazarovic and Dorit Zeevi- Farrington and wish them well.
—Manorhaven Deputy Mayor Lucretia Steele