Tree Boxes Vandalized On Main Street


The tree boxes along Main Street and on the corner of South Maryland Avenue have been vandalized recently. Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington (Residents) placed the tree boxes and S.F. Falconer Florist maintains and waters them. Someone has been stealing plants from the boxes, as well as pulling out the plants and throwing them in the street. One of the beautiful hibiscus trees was broken. Unfortunately, video surveillance has not been able to capture the culprits.

“It’s just not right,” said Mariann Dalimonte, executive director of the Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District (BID). “Here is a merchant who does so much for this town and people are vandalizing and taking the beautiful plants. Everyone in Port loves seeing the plantings done by S.F. Falconer Florist and Residents and I find it disturbing that anyone would intentionally vandalize them.”

Fred Falconer’s family has owned Falconer Florist for 93 years. “My grandfather, my father and now me have owned this business on this street,” said Falconer, who has lived in Port his whole life. “It’s sad because it’s pure vandalism to take the plants and throw them in the street and cut a tree and leave it there broken. And some are being stolen as well.”

Falconer is one of the few retail growers left on Long Island. “We grow everything we sell,” said Falconer.

Residents Executive Director Mindy Germain said, “Our community plants gardens and flower pots on Main Street to bring smiles and a sense of pride. It is so upsetting when those efforts are uprooted.”

Fred Falconer (Photo by Maura Vernice)

Falconer hopes that the vandalism will stop. “Port is a wonderful town,” said Falconer. “Everyone is trying to keep it a nice, friendly small town.”



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