Town Of North Hempstead Councilwoman To The Rescue


Councilwoman Dalimonte takes action to help a driver in car accident on Plandome Road

South of Reid Avenue on North Plandome Road where the accident took place. (Image from Google Maps)

At night on Saturday, Jan. 21, a car traveling northbound on North Plandome Road crashed into a tree in a single-car accident. The car caught on fire with the driver inside.

Port Washington resident Thomas McNamara, Esq. emailed the Port Washington News detailing the accident and sharing that Town of North Hempstead Councilwoman Mariann Dalimonte assisted in controlling the situation before first responders arrived.


Town of North Hempstead Councilwoman Mariann Dalimonte (District 6).
(Via Town of North Hempstead website)

The Port Washington News reached out to Councilwoman Dalimonte to comment on her involvement in the aftermath of the car accident.

“I was in my kitchen in my pajamas when all of a sudden, the whole house shook,” said Councilwoman Dalimonte. “I jumped up and ran outside to the car on fire.”

The loud accident drew the attention of many residents of North Plandome Road. Someone had already called 911 when Councilwoman Dalimonte got outside. Immediately, she jumped into problem-solving mode and helped manage the situation.

“I asked one neighbor to direct traffic and bring cars up Reid Avenue and another neighbor to bring traffic down Huntington Road,” said Councilwoman Dalimonte. “I told them not to let any cars in here.”

Councilwoman Dalimonte asked her neighbors for a fire extinguisher and a neighbor brought one out to the scene.

“There was gas leaking, the car hit the tree then bounced from the tree into the telephone pole,” said Councilwoman Dalimonte. “I told everyone to step back. I got the fire extinguisher and put the fire out.”

Councilwoman Dalimonte and her friend, Debbie Harari, made sure there was no one else in the car. The interior of the car was black, and it was dark outside, making it hard for Dalimonte and Harari to see in the car. They opened the back doors and felt around to ensure the driver was the only occupant of the car.
“I held onto that fire extinguisher because I didn’t know if the car would spark again,” said Councilwoman Dalimonte. “I kept on looking on the ground because the car was low, making sure nothing caught on fire again. It was a scary situation.”

The Port Washington Fire Department and Police Department arrived shortly after the fire was out. Residents got to the side of the road to make room for the first responders to take control of the situation. First Assistant Chief Matthew Kerin was the first on the scene, followed by Chief of the Department Brian Waterson.

“Multiple PWPD units and myself arrived within minutes,” said Chief Kerin. “As we approached the scene, we observed that the vehicle was no longer on fire, and the occupant had already been removed from the vehicle.

“Immediate care was started for the occupant, who was subsequently transported by a PWFD ambulance to North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset for further evaluation,” said Chief Kerin. At the time of publication, there is no information available to the public about his well-being.

The PWFD and PWPD squads both took control of the accident site seamlessly.
“The swift and extraordinary actions of Councilwoman Dalimonte, in extinguishing the fire and removing the occupant, made all the difference in what could have been a potentially tragic outcome,” said Chief Kerin.

“Our fire department and our police department are absolutely amazing,” Councilwoman Dalimonte said.


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