The Village Of Manorhaven’s New Mayor


Manorhaven’s new mayor discusses plans and ideas for the future

The Village of Manorhaven recently held elections for Mayor and two trustee positions. The Manorhaven People’s Working Party won the election over the Manorhaven Residents’ Party. The Manorhaven People’s Working Party consists of John Popeleski for Mayor, Harry Farina for trustee re-election and Monica Ildefonso for trustee. The Manorhaven Residents Party consists of Jim Avena for Mayor re-election, Rita Di Lucia for trustee re-election and Dan Garcia for trustee.
Popeleski won the election for the position of Mayor with 381 votes to Avena’s 351 votes. Avena has served as the Manorhaven Mayor since 2016. Additionally, Farina was re-elected as a trustee with 376 votes and Idelfonso was elected as trustee with 364 votes.
The Port Washington News talked with Popeleski about the upcoming plans he and the other elected officials of the Village of Manorhaven look forward to working on when the new term begins.

John Popeleski, Harry Farina and Monica Ildefonso. (Photo from the People’s Working Party Facebook)

“The people of Manorhaven really put their trust in me…Thank you to the residents for their overwhelming support,” said Popeleski in a statement sent to the Port Washington News. “Manorhaven residents were ready for a change, and they made sure it happened during this election. I look forward to being that change for them with the help of my Deputy Mayor Vincent Costa, Trustees Harry Farina, Monica Ildefonso, Khristine Shahipour, returning Village Clerk-Treasurer Sharon Abramski and our staff.”
With several capital projects in various stages, Popeleski and the village staff will continue to monitor the progress of the projects to enhance Manorhaven. Many residents have expressed concerns about the condition of the roads, sewer lines and pump station upgrades. Popeleski is ready to continue working on improving Manorhaven.
“We have gotten through two of five stages of line repairs to date,” said Popeleski. “Progress was delayed due to COVID-19, but we are ready to resume our five-year plan to install a new force main next to the 60-year-old line that is currently in use. During COVID-19 in early 2020, we were awarded a grant by Nassau County to upgrade our pump station, which will receive closed bids in August. We have begun resurfacing some of our worst roadways and will continue this project over the next several years.””
Aside from the large projects in motion, Popeleski and his team plan to address some flooding and grading concerns on Orchard Beach Boulevard. Additionally, Popeleski is looking forward to dedicating time to restoring the shopping district. Popeleski reminds residents that Nassau County is in the midst of a $5 million dollar project to improve safety, traffic conditions and enhance the aesthetic of Manorhaven Boulevard.
“We’d like to promote more businesses coming down to Manorhaven and Manorhaven Boulevard,” said Popeleski. “We have a couple of empty storefronts that could be filled.”
“I want to start working closely with the Port Washington Business Improvement District (B.I.D) and the Chamber of Commerce because those are two very good organizations to be involved with,” said Popeleski. “It opens the door for community relations between the village and [the business organizations].”

The Village of Manorhaven welcome sign. (Photo from The Village of Manorhaven Facebook)

Businesses like Maragarita Cafe, Port Washington Florist and Gifts, Bicycle Playground and Andy’s Pizzeria that are located on Manorhaven Boulevard have been a blessing to the village, Popeleski explained. Working with the B.I.D and Port Washington Chamber of Commerce to support and boost Manorhaven Boulevard will increase the appeal of the road to new businesses.
Popeleski discussed the idea of working with Port Washington Water Taxi to stimulate more visitors from around the island and the city. Providing a map of all Manhorhaven has to offer, such as the stores, restaurants, and trails will encourage tourists to spend a day exploring and enjoying the joys of Manorhaven.
“We’re in the process right now we are starting to redo our native trail,” said Popeleski. “That’s going to be a few years down the road to get accomplished, but when it’s done it’s really going to be beautiful for the community and visitors.”
“In early 2020, we also received a grant to rebuild Manorhaven’s section of the Preserve pathway connection running through our Preserve,” said Popeleski. “The pathway starts the Town Dock, goes through Port’s local villages, connects at Manhasset Avenue, through Manorhaven Beach Park, and ends at Morgan’s Dock.”
Attractions like the Manorhaven Preserve will be great for families in the community to spend a day together and get reconnected with the village and its people.
On Wednesday, July 6, the Village of Manorhaven will hold their orgaizational meeting where Popeleski will be officially sworn in as Mayor and he will appoint members to the various boards.
“We have a lot to do, but we are ready to roll up our sleeves and keep moving forward until we get everything done,” said Popeleski. “Let’s all work together. We are here for one common goal and that is for the people of Port Washington and the Village of Manorhaven.”


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