The Power To Create At Haven Art


Artist Heidi Stephens has a motto posted on a chalkboard at Haven Art Studio that says, “Creativity is just as important as literacy.” Stephens, owner of the spacious studio, has made the rambling space into a multilevel mecca for artists.

Stephens has owned Haven Art Studio for close to three years. Before that she worked there for 10 years for the previous owner. She has lived in Port Washington with her husband and three children for 10 years.Havenart021716A copy

Stephens received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Ceramics at Alfred University and continued her education at the School for Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design and The Realist Drawing Academy in New Mexico with Gary Faigin.

Her studio is a haven for local art enthusiasts. “We have all new equipment; three new kilns and nine wheels,” said Stephens. “We have seven Singer sewing machines for our very popular sewing classes.
We have sewing four days a week with two professional seamstresses as instructors.”

Haven Art has an art gallery where local artists can show their work. “We have art shows every two or three months. I try to support local artists. We have a reception for
them and I supply the food. Artists can sell their artwork at the studio as well. When we don’t have a show,
I show my own art,” said Stephens.Havenart021716B Havenart021716C

The gallery is filled with paintings, pottery and jewelry made by teachers and students. Stephens utilizes the whole space. She offers birthday parties where kids can paint their own pottery.

Havenat021716K HAvenart021716LAfter school, Stephens has advanced art for middle schoolers ages 11 to 15 to help them get into accelerated art classes at school. “I supply pizza as well,” said Stephens. “On Fridays we have an Explore & Create class for kids ages 3 to 5. The teacher is a certified pre-K teacher.”

There is also an internship program. “High school kids can get credit for working here,” said Stephens. “We offer private tutoring for students to get their portfolios together.”

Artists Mario Tucci and Barbara Silbert teach classes. There are workshops, Wednesday night paint nights, couples two-hour lessons, essential oils workshops, mandala and meditation workshops.

Havenart021716H“We’ll have a Heart Mandala workshop in April,” said Stephens.

Another of Stephens’ favorite quotes, “Given the power to create, it is no wonder the artist is found to be godlike,” is displayed in the studio. Stephens has built a true haven for artists to create and display their artwork in. Haven Art Studio is located at 29 Haven Ave. For more information, go to