The Guide To Midterms


2020 is now in full swing and midterm season begins to sneak up on students. For most high schoolers, midterms can be an extremely overwhelming period of time as teachers pile on last-minute work and ultimately, an exam. Multiply this load by five, as most classes have their own exam and midterm work. With all of this work comes tons of stress, as studying for multiple exams can be a lot to manage. Here are some tips to manage the work and stress that come along with midterm week.

1. Plan out your studying and workload
In order to be successful while studying and completing assignments, it is crucial to have a calendar planned out and organized. Be sure to label each day with, which assignments and review sheets need to be completed. This type of planning can be done the old fashioned way, on a pad and paper, or electronically on phones, tablets and computers. The technological planning can have an advantage because these devices have the ability to remind you when something is due. However, some prefer a more ‘dated’ approach because the satisfaction of checking off something on the to-do list is irreplaceable. Additionally, make sure to give yourself enough time to complete an assignment thoroughly and with care, or enough time to study all the material on an upcoming test. Not only will this planning and organization help with your success on a given assignment, but it will also alleviate stress.

2. Make sure to get enough sleep
Whether it is a weeknight spent working and studying, or the night before a big exam, getting enough sleep is crucial to performing at your absolute best. As a high school junior myself, I know getting the full eight to ten hours can be tricky, but the week leading up to a big test is worthy of those few extra hours. According to researchers from Ghent and KU Leuven Universities in Belgium, students who slept seven hours each night during an exam period scored nearly 10 percent higher on exams than students who got less sleep than that. Among other health benefits , getting more than four or five hours of sleep is necessary for students’ success.

3. Use extra help to your advantage
There is no shame in going to a teacher to ask for studying tips and help with content, in fact, it might be the best strategy of all. Teachers know the material better than most students do, so it can be extremely helpful to take advantage of their extra help sessions and hours. Having the extra reinforcement of the material from a teacher can help fill in any missing holes in your notes and study sheets. Also, different teachers have different suggestions for the most efficient way to study for their classes. Therefore, getting tips on how to study for their style of exam, whether it be making flashcards, doing practice problems, or rewriting your notes, can help boost your studying and exam performance. With these three tips in mind, midterms season should seem slightly less stressful and, hopefully, more manageable. Between planning a study/work schedule, getting enough sleep, and making time to see teachers for extra help, students can have an even more successful midterm season. I know this time of year can be overwhelming, so it is pivotal to keep yourself organized and on top of your studying game.


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