The Great Community Rainbow Hunt





The Art Guild of Port Washington saw an idea on Facebook and thought it would be perfect for students, parents, artists and seniors to keep them busy during this time.

Have a neighborhood-wide rainbow ? hunt

Using any supplies that you have on hand, create a rainbow with your children or on your own.
1. Hang the rainbow up somewhere visible from your front yard
– Front door or window
– Mailbox
– On a yard sign
– On a tree
– Anywhere passersby can see

3. Tell your friends and neighbors what you’re doing: Share a photo of your rainbow and information about the Rainbow Hunt on your social media or post a note somewhere visible. The more rainbows, the more fun!

4. Go for a Walk: starting the week of 3/21 and count how many rainbows you see. The number might change each week! Keep your distance!

5. Tell us what you find on The Art Guild’s Facebook (@TheArtGuild) and Instagram (@artguildpw) Use the hashtag #artapart.

-Submitted by the Art Guild PW


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