The Future Of Sands Point Preserve Conservancy

Jeremiah Bosgang

Port Washington’s iconic Sands Point Preserve Conservancy has recently appointed a new executive director, Jeremiah Bosgang. The previous Executive Director, Beth Horn, has stepped down after five years of incredible work with the conservancy for Bosgang to continue guiding the conservancy’s success.
Bosgang, a Nassau County native, has worked at the preserve since 2012 as the Film and T.V Production Manager. He is a veteran content development and production executive working in the entertainment, sports and music divisions of T.V. networks, studios and production companies.
“The experience of working here at the preserve for so many years has given me an understanding of the different departments within the preserve,” said Bosgang. “Our facilities offer a hospitality department, an education department, a cultural affairs department, and more. Knowing how all departments work together and the different personalities of specific people is helpful.”
Being at the preserve for about 10 years now has allowed Bosgang to form relationships with coworkers and a solid understanding of the organization’s inner workings.
“From the perspective of [the Film and TV Production Manager], I understand how the preserve relies on that department’s revenue to meet its operating costs and contributes to the yearly operating budget,” said Bosgang.
The Film and T.V. revenues contribution to the conservancy has given Bosgang an understanding outside of his area of the overall workings of the preserve is helpful to the position transition.
“We are delighted that Mr. Bosgang can assume the position of executive director. His knowledge of the conservancy and our staff stand him in good stead as we enter our busy season and embark on a number of exciting projects,” said Karli Hagedorn, chairman of the Sands Point Preserve Conservancy.
In addition to Bosgang’s new role as executive director, he will continue working as the director of Film and T.V. Production. As executive director, he will have a broader sense of responsibility and more involvement in all different aspects of the reserve.
“In the role of executive director, I report to the Board of Directors… and I’m ultimately responsible for the smooth functioning of the different department heads,” said Bosgang. “The head of facilities, the head of maintenance, the head of hospitality and etcetera all have their areas of responsibility, and I’m not looking to micromanage them, but we all work together… I’m there to navigate the organization’s overall direction to work in synchronicity and harmony.”
“With Film and T.V. Production, I’d have to consider what my colleagues were doing and planning on the calendar,” said Bosgang. “Now, it’s from another perspective of the overall direction of what kind of opportunities we want to offer the public to continue my predecessor’s great work in terms of programming and the vision of what we are.”
The Sands Point Preserve Conservancy features Gold-Coast era mansions, the Great Lawn, a Woodland Playground, a dog run and many more amenities. The fresh-water pond, hiking trails that lead to the Long Island Sound, and the Rose Garden are some of Bosgang’s favorite spots at Sands Point Preserve Conservancy.
“Our Rose Garden behind the Hempstead House is undergoing a huge renovation,” said Bosgang. “Unfortunately, the roses came down with Rosette Disease, a deadly disease that you can’t get out of the soil. So we’re doing a huge and expensive project to reconstruct the Rose Garden because it is a wonderful place that overlooks the Sound, and many people love to visit.”
Although Bosgang is new to his position, he is looking forward to working on different projects that will continue to grow the relevancy of the conservancy.
The kinds of projects that excite me are those that appeal to families,” said Bosgang. “For us to be a destination where families can come together and join in on different events that take advantage of our outdoor assets. Whether it’s bringing your dog to the dog run, taking your family to the Woodland Playground, or going on a hike. I’m interested in things that appeal to different ages, but always with a potential family application.”
The 200-acre estate offers so much to its visitors that it is almost impossible to cover everything in one afternoon. The Sands Point Preserve is a place where there is always something new to see, no matter how many times patrons visit. According to Bosgang, entering the preserve is like entering a completely different world, a world which he is looking forward to guiding into the future.
“I want to continue to grow the preserve’s relevance and vitality,” said Bosgang. “In the realm of what’s possible and what’s feasible, there are different approaches. To have the chance to bring my sensibility to working with my colleagues to grow the conservancy in the future, so it continues to engage the people it has engaged and bring new people.”
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