The Blue Moon Project Is Coming


The Blue Moon Project, a fitness and wellness center, will open its doors at 194 Main St. on July 31. The idea was created by Port Washington residents Helen Leib and Michele Arnold in the summer of 2012, on the night of the last “blue moon.” And after three years of maneuvering through town procedures, including rezoning, parking, design and construction, Blue Moon Project will finally be launched this month, on the date of the next “blue moon.” Talk about fate! The Blue Moon Project is on its way to providing the Port Washington and neighboring communities with a hub for healthy and therapeutic practices.BlueMoon_071515B

Leib was the owner of the popular Lou, Babs and Moogs, a novelty store on Main Street. Since the closing of her store, many people have been curious to see what her next project would be. The idea for The Blue Moon Project was “borne of the need to bring balance to our increasingly stressful lives,” said Leib. The Blue Moon Project resides where the former Ghost motorcycle shop was. Leib and Arnold hope for “this historic spot to be inviting and enriching for everyone,” according to Leib.

Leib and Arnold share a philosophy of living centered and inspired lives. Leib explained that a “blue moon,” or second full moon in a month, only occurs about every two-and-a-half to three years, so the synchronistic timing with the coming blue moon seems like an auspicious day for their opening. The celebration from 3 to 9 p.m. on July 31 is open to the community, and will include free food, drink and exhibitions of the services to be offered.

The plans for the Blue Moon Project include a range of activities from martial arts, Zumba and meditation, to homework club, anti-bullying and empowerment programs for kids, and even cosmetic services. On-site, there will be tae kwon do masters and instructors, nurse practitioners and certified fitness trainers. Leib and Arnold anticipate creating a complete wellness center at which kids and adults alike can benefit in many ways.

The Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District’s (GPWBID) New Tenant Bonus Program recently awarded Blue Moon Project $3,000 to help start the business. “This money will be used to offset some of our expenses in making the building ADA-compliant,” said Leib.

“We are excited that the Blue Moon Project has decided to open in Port Washington and we will look forward to helping them in their endeavors,” said Mariann Dalimonte, Executive Director of the GPWBID.

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