The Art Of Time

Time is a precious thing.

Cuckoo clocks. Wall clocks. Mantle clocks. Grandfather clocks. Watches. Towards the back end of the Sands Point Shop is where time stands still as unique, antique and vintage clocks are waiting to be picked up by their owners. Laura Mazza is the merchandiser for the family-owned business and saw clock repair as a dying art that needed to be revived.

“We started doing watch repairs and realized that people were coming from all over because they couldn’t find someone to help them. We expanded to clock repair about four years ago,” says Mazza, who is responsible for the store’s variety of specialty items such as clothing, jewelry, handbags and, of course, clocks. “It’s growing more and more that people are finding out about us.”

Committed to quality and service, Sands Point Shop has been repairing watches for the past 20 years, fixing everything from a simple battery replacement to a complete restructuring of the watch.

Howard Miller’s Arendal Grandfather Clock is a twist on the traditional shape.
The unique Howard Miller Hourglass Grandfather Clock.

“Our repairmen are very resourceful but if they can’t find a part, the shop would make it by hand. We repair clocks from any store or shop; they don’t have to be purchased from us,” says Mazza. “We have great craftsmen and they’re very skilled at what they do.”

The business was founded in Leghorn, Italy, in 1840 and according to Mazza, some heirloom clocks may have passed through the doors from that time period.

“A lot of people inherit clocks that are so beautiful, they’re just not running, so we restore and refurbish them. Easily some of the oldest clocks we have seen are more than 100 years old,” says Mazza, adding that some of the most unique clocks have been grandfather clocks. “Some are from Switzerland, others have intricate detail and some have been in families for several generations.”

The shop’s display of grandfather clocks is from the brand Howard Miller and several towering timepieces can be seen on the floor. Although the store doesn’t make clocks, they do service every brand imaginable of watches and clocks including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Raymond Weil, Waltham, pocket watches and more. Perhaps what is most intriguing to those interested in a grandfather clock is the at-home repair service offered by the shop.

“We do make house calls. It is a $150 charge for the repairman to visit your home to determine what has to be done. If you like what the estimate is, we deduct $75 from the visit and that goes towards your repair,” says Mazza, noting that the shop’s customer coverage area extends from across Long Island to Montauk and all the way to Connecticut. “It takes about three to four weeks for a grandfather clocks repair, and after evaluations and repair work, the same time table is usually true for watches.”

The store’s collection of grandfather clocks is based on style and what seems to be selling in the moment. While there are more traditional cherry and mahogany wood clocks on display, there is a unique hourglass clock made of metal finished in aged iron that stands out. The working hourglass turns and is battery operated without the use of a timer or chime.

Mazza says that the price range is diverse and that she can order a specific style for customers if they have different tastes and preferences.

“Howard Miller has modern to traditional grandfather clocks as well as a beautiful line of wall clocks,” she says. “When a customer orders the clock, it is a white glove service. The clock is delivered to the home where someone assembles it, sets it and teaches you how to use it.”

Time is a precious thing and for those like Mazza who want to preserve it, it’s a beautiful art worth saving.

Sands Point Shop is located at 15 Main Street in Port Washington. For more information on the shop’s clock repair services, call 888-321-9477 or visit