Talbots To Open


Talbots is responding to significant demand from their customers by opening a brand-new store on Northern Boulevard in Manhasset. Several years ago, Talbots had a store presence in the Americana Manhasset, but now the store will assume a stand-alone building at the beginning of the Miracle Mile in Munsey Park. The store will feature a full collection of missy and petite clothes.Talbots_021016A Talbots_021016B

The new store’s inviting and comfortable atmosphere includes Talbots’ signature red door, spacious fitting rooms and visible display cases, making it easier for shoppers to spot everything they like. The design and offerings in the Manhasset store are very different from the outlet stores Long Islanders are used to shopping in. The full store offers head-to-toe wardrobe in a range of sizes.

This popular clothing company caters to women 35 to 55 years of age and plus, who have modern-classic styles. Their Charming Cardigans, cashmeres and statement necklaces are what Talbots’ style is known for.

Talbots is also partnering with O, The Oprah Magazine to add to their clothing company. The limited edition will feature a seven-piece collection aiming “to help women express their best selves.” Thirty percent of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation Dress for Success, which helps “women reenter the work force and achieve financial independence.” It can be found in stores or online starting Feb. 22 through April 3.

People can also shop from the Talbots catalogs and online as well; however, now people near the new stand-alone store are being given the opportunity to get a full Talbots experience.

Talbots will be opening on Tuesday, Feb. 16, at 1625 Northern Blvd. in Manhasset.



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