Take PSEG To Court


I was pleased to see that our town supervisor and our councilwoman have persuaded the officials of PSEG to attend a public meeting later this month.

However, I strongly believe that the only way to stop this project of putting up huge poles on our streets and cutting out our street trees is for one of our public officials or community organizations that have legal standing to bring a legal action in New York State Supreme Court to invoke the State Environmental Quality Review Act.

The court could stop this madness and require PSEG to begin to prepare a full Environmental Assessment of this project.

There is another way.

More than a decade ago the Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington worked with LIPA and had the authority (to) underground all the utility wires and remove all the street poles on Port Boulevard, from Main Street south to Campus Drive—not only improving the entire streetscape but providing a permanent way to help prevent blackouts.

Why can’t PSEG complete that project now in Port.

—Myron Blumenfeld