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In 2017, the Community Chest of Port Washington has supported 26 charities. Each one makes a big difference in peoples’ daily lives. I know this because I have been on the board of directors for the last five years.
Someone might say that these charities can get by without local help and that the funds we provide are not essential. That would not be true. Port Washington is a community that cares about its residents and I am asking you to think about those among us who do not have the full range of opportunities that perhaps we do.
There is at least one teammate on your son’s/daughter’s sports team playing because of a scholarship; the senior citizen who lives down the block can get hot meals and needed social activities. Others who have drug dependency issues or are victims of domestic violence can obtain services; young adults with autism or other developmental delays get vocational training and a paying job to be part of our town; there are food pantries and freshly grown organic food for the hungry. You may not personally know the people we help, but they are our neighbors.
Please think about this as you go about your day and then consider about how a donation to the Community Chest will help. I like to say, “I live here and so I give here.” Please mail a contribution to the Community Chest of Port Washington, 382 Main St., PW, NY 11050 or make a secure online donation at Thank you.
—Myles Nachamie


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