Letter to the Editor: Support Sattinger


I am usually not one to write endorsement letters, but I feel that as a parent of an elementary school child, it is tremendously important to vote for someone who will bring new ideas to our current BOE. And why have new ideas instead of continuing with the familiar and known? NYS Comptroller placed our school district in “distress.” This is a serious matter that can have negative consequences for our children’s education.Port Washington News

This year, as well as the last few years, we have been taking money from our reserves, but there will come a point when there will be no more reserves. I have to ask how we got to this point. We must elect someone new; someone who will ask questions and perhaps inspire the current BOE to start planning for next year immediately.

I support Dave Sattinger without any hesitation. I know he is an intelligent and passionate father raising a son who now attends Weber. He will be an honest broker; someone who is not looking for self-aggrandizement but will work closely with his colleagues on the board to plan and prepare for the future to ensure that our children continue to receive a solid education. This is not an election about past accomplishments or popularity. This is an election about how do we provide the best education for our children going forward.

I encourage you and your friends to come out and vote for Dave Sattinger on Tuesday, May 17.

—Laura Redruello, PhD



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