Summer Memories Harborside Poetry Collaboration


    summer memories touch the heart and spirit
    I could see, feel, and taste the happiness of summer
    I heard laughter and shouts of delight
    in summer there is joy
    in nature at its fullest
    boating up the Hudson River
    swimming in deep lakes
    the water rushed in to fill the locks
    I was touched by the beauty of the mountains and trees

    and in the fragrance of a garden, vibrant with orange daylilies
    and pastel saucer-sized peonies
    there were excursions to lakes adorned with water lilies
    father’s fascination with all living creatures, aviaries for canaries,
    a sun-drenched porch, lined with tanks of tropical fish
    my squirmy bait worms continued to wiggle long after being cut into bite-sized pieces
    a squeamish experience for the novice fisherwoman
    mother’s delicious dinner transformed our “catch of the day”

    summer brought sleep-away camp bungalows with ten little cots
    and ten little girls running with excitement
    we swam in the crystal-clear water of the lake
    we sat baking in the sun, and we didn’t care how long
    summer will always be a time of wonder
    days that came and went so quickly

    we left our city apartments to be transformed
    by fresh air and farm life
    pigs were sloshing in the mud
    cows were milked each night
    we collected eggs from chickens
    I awakened to the sound of horses neighing, cows mooing and birds singing
    I touched the icy water racing in a stream after a rainstorm
    I tasted the farm-fresh corn and tomatoes each day
    I smelled the freshly cut hay atop a wagon
    it delivered us from the fields to the barn
    I felt free, timeless, and joyful

    there were family meccas to a beach house somewhere
    a fully loaded station wagon…6 kids in tow
    ice cream chairs on the roof rack
    sandy footprints tried to be mine until stolen by the next wave
    tumbling chimes of shells, laughter, and seagull chatter
    I felt big as the sky and as small as a grain of sand
    I smelled the summer in the soles of my Keds, which peddled me on my bike
    to see the world in a day—every day—and all day long

    I hunted for beautiful blue beach glass
    and tasted the salt from the ocean
    surrounded by so many little birds, and big gulls
    tweeting as they stole my potato chips
    I cheered them on
    oh, the wonderful ocean. I can smell it from afar
    when does the ocean sleep?

    summer memories are strong and vivid
    as if yesterday
    sun-tanned bodies
    moving to music, we feel alive
    there is laughter
    a raspy voice
    I had little choice
    my heart did a jingle
    as we walked the dunes
    the summer that followed
    the winter we met
    I knew it was right
    morning, noon, and night
    with a crowd on the huge lawn
    the music was blowing
    with no hesitation
    we said yes
    yes to morning, noon, and night
    yes to summer


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