Student Speaker Reflects On Time At Weber

Eighth grader Mollie Tashlik was chosen to speak at the Weber promotion ceremony on June 21, which was pushed back to 9:30 a.m., allowing for a sunny ceremony.
“I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to speak at the promotion ceremony and have the wonderful ability to share with everyone what the last three years have really taught us and what they provided us with for the future,” said Tashlik.
Tashlik explained that she and her classmates were excited for their future at Schreiber and the newfound ability to join the tons of clubs, activities, sports and other academic and social experiences the high school has to offer.
“We are also thrilled that we will be given more independence and freedom during school hours,” said Tashlik. “Free periods give us the chance to get a head start or catch up on homework, study for upcoming exams and make room for extracurricular activities.”
While excited about the future, Tashlik explained her and her fellow classmates will miss many things about Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School.
“My fellow classmates and I will definitely miss Weber, especially the amazing teachers who have helped us grow as students and people, who encourage us to be our best selves and have helped us work to achieve our greatest goals,” Tashlik said. “They have taught us about the importance of kindness and individuality. We will use these lessons throughout our high school journey. The last three years would not have been possible without their dedication and support.”
In Tashlik’s speech at the promotion ceremony, she explored how the class has grown over their three years at Weber, explaining they have learned to be kind, respect and accept one another. She furthered that the class will use the skills they have learned in middle school to reach their goals in high school and beyond.