Stonytown Road Footpath Complete

New pedestrian path on Stonytown Road
New pedestrian path on Stonytown Road

The Village of Flower Hill has created a pedestrian path along the south side of Stonytown Road, from Manhasset Woods Road to Flower Hill Park. Mayor Elaine Phillip had observed that Stonytown Road is a popular walking and jogging route, but cars tend to speed on the road. The village has tried many methods of slowing traffic down, including speed signs and radar enforcement resulting in fines and penalties.

By narrowing the road to accommodate the path, Flower Hill has created a safe route for walkers and obliges cars to drive at a lower rate of speed. The lane is marked by a rumble strip that warns cars if they veer too far to the right as well as high visibility pavement marking symbols, increased path width, high visibility road signage and reflective markings making it explicit that the path is intended for pedestrians.

The Village of Plandome Manor is also planning a continuation of the path from Manhasset Woods Road to the Plandome train station. Flower Hill and Plandome Manor are working together to create a seamless path that will provide a safe way to walk to the train as well as a great place to stroll and exercise.

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