Stillbirth Walk A Success


On Sunday, April 17, The Let’s Not Be Still 5K 1.5 mile run took place at North Hempstead Beach Park. The event, organized by the Star Legacy New York Metro Chapter, was held to raise money and awareness about stillbirth. Stillbirth is generally defined as fetal death in the second half of pregnancy. Some 26,000 babies in the U.S. are stillborn each year, and many of these deaths occur suddenly and without explanation.Stillbirth042016F

Winners in the male age group 0 to 39—first: Mike Clarke (19:36), second: James Bowers (19:55), third: Mark Donahue (22:00).Stillbirth042016A

In the female age group 0 to 39—first: Christine Astarita (22:25), second: Kerry Herchenroder (22:52), third: Allison Saloy (24:07).

In the female age group 40 and up—first: Anne P. (25:28), second: Maureen McHugh (27:11), third: Jenney Valverde (27:35).Stillbirth0429016

For more information go to www.letsnotbeStillbirth042016DStillbieth042016E




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