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Get fit at a variety of classes at Berest Dance Center.
Get fit at a variety of classes at Berest Dance Center.

Shape up at one of the many studios around town
By Rachel Hirschheimer

There’s never a dull moment in Port Washington when it comes to exercising. Our little hamlet is filled with fitness enthusiasts offering plenty of options to suit just about every interest, activity level and lifestyle. Diverse approaches from the large selection of workout spots in the area offer lots of ways to stay in tip-top shape. From dance to power workouts to yoga, there’s something for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or ability. Whether you are looking to squeeze in a quick workout between carpool stops, are going for an after-baby tune-up, wish to strengthen your muscles, want to become more flexible, increase your endurance or are hoping to get back into an active routine, here’s a sampling of what some of the most popular studios have to offer.

1391557170Dance Arts Centre

1019 Port Washington Boulevard

Since 1972, the Dance Arts Centre in Port Washington has been teaching dance to people of all ages and levels. With a variety of classes from ballet to hip-hop, there’s so much to choose from. The Dance Arts Centre fall sessions are currently open for enrollment. And, if you don’t own dance clothes, don’t worry. The Dance Arts Centre carries head-to-toe dance attire.

At Inform Fitness, short concentrated sessions build stronger muscles fast.
At Inform Fitness, short concentrated sessions build stronger muscles fast.

Inform Fitness

26 Harbor Park Drive

At Inform Fitness, enthusiasts needn’t run to the gym five days a week. That’s because the 20- to 30-minute sessions build stronger muscles faster. The secret is advocating slow, high-intensity workouts; 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down—with no breaks in between. With a personal trainer by your side, Inform arranges six to seven different strength-training exercises until your muscles can’t work anymore. It’s safe, easy and is an excellent obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis reducer.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle or increase your endurance, an incredible variety of fitness options are available in the neighborhood.
Whether you’re looking to build muscle or increase your endurance, an incredible variety of
fitness options are available in the neighborhood.

Unlimited Sports Action

30 Beechwood Avenue

Unlimited Sports Action’s 13,000-square-foot facility offers various sports programs for kids. The facility hosts birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, vacation programs, summer camps, field rental opportunities and more. One of the best-known programs is the Special Needs program, which is part of Be the Best Sport, a nonprofit organization focusing on the athletic development of kids and adults. Professionals at the facility work with players to build skills in a noncompetitive environment.

Berest6_fixBerest Dance Center

12 South Washington Street

Established by nationally recognized Olga Berest, the Berest Dance Center is a place for all ages to take part in various dance classes. Intro to Dance, Broadway to Ballet, Jazz and Tap, Hip-hop and more are offered. If you’re not fitting in with a class’s level and/or pace, you’re able to schedule private instruction and coaching at the dance center. Students ages 3 to 5 show off their dance abilities in front of family and friends in the Berest Dance Center’s curtained studio, and dancers ages 6 and older perform on a large stage in front of a filled audience in June.

At Body ‘n’ Sync’s Pilates classes, instructors work with clients on proper technique.
At Body ‘n’ Sync’s Pilates classes, instructors work with clients on proper technique.

Body ‘n’ Sync

358 Port Washington Boulevard

Body ‘n’ Sync’s unique 45-minute workout plan offers Pilates classes, making you feel invigorated and energized after each session. Best of all, this is an individually supervised program. Each instructor at Body ‘n’ Sync works with clients on proper breathing techniques and body mechanics that go along with each class.

Kids learn to relax at Little Lotus Yoga
Kids learn to relax at Little Lotus Yoga

Little Lotus Yoga

927 Port Washington Boulevard

This one-of-a-kind yoga center caters specifically to children. The ultimate goal is to teach the “blossoming yogis” how to cope with stress through multiple posture and breathing exercises. Each class is different, providing exciting new poses and techniques. Little Lotus Yoga believes children continue to take classes there because of the noncompetitive environment and the relaxed, calming state they consistently feel after each class.

Exercise buddies help keep each other motivated.
Exercise buddies help keep each other motivated.

Power Ten Fitness

102A Harbor Road

At Power Ten Fitness, clients are exposed to everything they need to strengthen and lengthen their body. For more than 13 years, Steve Panzik’s gym has offered excellent training and physical therapy sessions for all. Power Ten is a great place to develop agility, speed and functional training. Participants say, ”It’s the personal touch that keeps you coming back. The Power Ten staff is there to help.” Classes range from cycling to strictly boot camp. Clients can work with Power Ten’s personal trainers, who are experts in body building, sport specifics, agility, speed and rehabilitation.



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