St. Peter’s Offers Free Kindergarten Tuition


St. Peter of Alcantara School is offering free tuition for kindergarteners for the first 20 applicants. This offer is part of the new Good Shepard Initiative at the school. Free kindergarten will give parents the opportunity to experience the grammar school program (K-8) at St. Peter’s School at no cost to them.

“We believe in our school and what it has to offer,” said Marianne Carberry, principal of St. Peter’s School. “Half of the kindergarten spots are already filled. But we have about 10 spots left.”

The hope is that the families who try the school through the free kindergarten program will decide to have their child continue on at the school for the remainder of their grade school years through eighth grade. Normal tuition would then apply, with normal scholarships and financial aid available.

The Pastor of St. Peter’s Church Father Patrick Whitney recently said at the St. Peter’s School Spring concert that “St. Peter’s School is thriving and we would like to see it thrive for many more years.”

St. Peter’s School has been an important part of the fabric of the Port Washington community for the past 95 years. Recent St. Peter’s graduates have been accepted to Ivy League schools such as University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and Dartmouth College, as well as other stellar universities such as the University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University.

The Good Shepherd Initiative at St. Peter’s is a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to increase enrollment in grades K-8 and strengthen educational opportunities for existing and prospective students in those grades. The initiative is named for the parable ofthe Good Shepherd, the one in which the shepherd leaves his large flock to find one sheep that has lost its way.

St. Peter of Alcantara School is located at 1321 Port Washington Blvd. For more information about St. Peter’s School or to find out about the free tuition offer for kindergarteners, please call the school office and ask for Principal Marianne Carberry at 516-944-3772.


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