Shoreline Stabilization At Manorhaven Beach Park


The shoreline and boat ramp in Manorhaven Beach Park have been getting a facelift. Over the years, part of the shoreline, including trees and foliage, have been eroding into North Sheets Creek. One phase of construction work to improve the shoreline and boat channel at Manorhaven Beach Park and North Sheets Creek is complete. A concrete and stone seawall has been constructed to protect the shoreline.

This portion of the project began in mid-April and was scheduled to end when Manorhaven Pool opened on June 20 because the construction blocked off half of the pool parking lot and would have made parking for the pool difficult. According to Ryan Mulholland, deputy director of communications for the Town of North Hempstead, “the project includes the stabilization of the shoreline in Manorhaven Beach Park, restoration of wetland areas, installation of drainage structures in the town park and along the creek in the Village of Manorhaven, replacement of the existing boat ramp, dredging a portion of the boat channel and the construction of a concrete seawall. The contractor, Woodstock Construction Group, finished up the first phase of work in the park on schedule, before the opening of the pool on June 20. They’ve stopped work in Manorhaven Beach Park and the adjacent parking lot so that operations at the pool may continue as usual for the summer,” said Mulholland. “The contractor will return to do more work in the park after Labor Day. We are expecting the project to be completed by the end
of November.”

The next phase of the project will be in the Village of Manorhaven. This part of the project will continue through the summer. Operations have shifted over to the other side of North Sheets Creek while Manorhaven Pool is open. “The work in the Village of Manorhaven includes stormwater infrastructure improvements along North Sheets Creek and the construction of a pedestrian walkway along the creek,” said Mulholland. “The work area is along Sintsink Drive East, at the end of Sintsink Drive West, at the end of Sagamore Hill Drive, at the intersection of Manhasset Avenue and Pequot Avenue and at the north end of North Sheets Creek.”