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Local photographer’s breathtaking Long Island landscapes

Photographer Tom D’Emic captures a sunset at Hempstead Harbor.

Capturing life’s moments and the beauty of nature through the lens is something that Tom D’Emic fell in love with later in life. D’Emic taught science from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade in Bushwick, NY, for 38 years. After retiring, he was a curriculum writer and teacher trainer for the Department of Education for the City of New York.

After a rewarding career as an educator, D’Emic now spends his time taking photographs. Many of his images were captured within 10 minutes from his homes in Glen Head and Greenport, NY.

“There is a sense of rightness in photographing places that I am so familiar with,” says the photographer. “Some of the locations captured here have a history with me dating back to my childhood. I feel my connection to these places gives me an advantage in creating an image that is meaningful to me. I hope this feeling of connectedness will be communicated to the viewer as well.”

Hempstead Harbor
Hempstead Harbor
Manhasset Bay
North Fork
Hempstead Harbor
North Fork
Hempstead Harbor
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