Seussical Performance Shines At Weber


This weekend, Weber Middle School hosted the Shining Studios production of Seussical, based on the book by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty.

(Photos by Daniel Tunas)

Under the skillful direction of 23-year-old Kyle Savage, everyone’s favorite Dr. Seuss characters were brought to life for family, friends and the community to enjoy. This musical, cosponsored by Likeable Media, was performed by 25 gifted students from Port Washington and the surrounding areas. Their vocal skills, acting abilities and professionalism were amazing.Suessical041316A Suessical041316C

“I think Seussical is a magical show,” said Savage, the director and founder of Shining Studios.

In this performance, the Cat in the Hat, played by Lehah Taylor, tells the story of Horton the elephant, who discovers Whos living on a microscopic dust speck resting on a flower. Along the way, Horton finds he is faced with two responsibilities and he confronts many dangerous challenges while he protects the Whos and shelters an abandoned egg. Loyalty, friendship, family and the community are also tested, and in the end, they all prevail. That same friendship, loyalty and dedication were visible during the cast’s warm-up and throughout their participation in the “energy circle” before the show started. It was also reflected in their performance and the support of family and community was unmistakably clear. Savage and the entire production team provided the opportunity, guidance and environment for everyone to grow.Suessical041316D Suessical041316E

Dylan Forman, a Schreiber student, played the role of Horton. Forman said, “This wSuessical041316Fas my first time in a lead role and the process involved in making a show is so interesting.”

Schreiber student Jonas Maissel said, “I have never been in a show before but I saw the Shining Studio performance of 13 and it inspired me. My best friend looked like he was having so much fun and now I am, too. The show is awesome.”

Brooke Weber, who plays JoJo, said, “I was in the performance of 13 and had so much fun and learned so many things. I love the entire cast. I can also relate to the character I play.”

The friendships and family atmosphere that developed throughout their journey were expressed by all.

Shining Studios is a theater school in Port Washington that offers education in the arts for all children ages 4 to 18. There are over 75 children enrolled in the school and soon adult productions will begin. Join them for the upcoming productions of The Wizard of Oz on May 21 and 22, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on June 23 and 24. For additional information about workshops, classes and future events, go to or call 631-334-9611.




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