Senior Art Show At Dolphin


Port Washington seniors are having an art show at the Dolphin Bookshop & Café during the month of June. There will be a reception on Thursday, June 9, at Dolphin from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. The art show will feature masterpieces from the Port Washington Senior Center’s painting and drawing classes’ students and teachers.

Melba Molson, Candice Ingaglio, Teacher Ed Balcourt, Alicia McCarvill, Mickey Drake, Albert Chin (missing from photo: Arnie Small, Brigitte Mueller and Nadia Tanal)
Adult coloring class: Anthony Pucclarelli, Dolores Holliday, Grace Bellows, Bobbie Schwartz, Lena Rella

The Senior Center, at 80 Manorhaven Blvd., has several different painting and drawing classes that it offers for its members.

Ed Balcourt, Barbara Silbert and Barbara Stein all teach different classes.

The director of the Senior Center Dorothy Holliday said, “We wanted to honor the artwork of the seniors so we contacted the library and they have given us space to show our artwork every year. This year, the library is under construction so Dolphin Bookshop agreed to do the show.”

Balcourt, one of the art teachers, is showing his piece called “Spiritual Innocence” that he submitted as the
teacher. It is a beautiful profile of a young child. Balcourt has been painting for 68 years and he made his living as an artist. Now he enjoys teaching at the center.

Josephine Krawczyk, Jennifer Wiggins, May Giacopelli, Teacher Barbara Silbert, Margie Lee, Ligia Browne, Elaine Schechter

“If you can write your name, you can paint,” said Balcourt. Balcourt has won many artistic awards over the years, including Master Artist of the Year in Louisiana.

To see some of Balcourt’s other artwork, go to his website at

Silbert has been teaching at the center for six years. She also teaches at Haven Art and in Manhasset and Great Neck. She’s an award-winning artist and has lived in Port for
21 years.

There is also an adult coloring class at the center that many seniors enjoy.

The Dolphin Bookshop is located at 299 East Main St.



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