Schreiber High Class Of ’70 Celebrates 50-Ish Class Reunion


Friends, Classmates and Memories

Schreiber Class of 1970. (Contributed photo)

This graduating class knows how to party. After all, they went to the World’s Fair in Flushing like today’s kids go to the movies! They lived during major current events as teens. They are the Woodstock generation blasting music on Campus Drive while marching against the Vietnam War. They grieved together over the Kent State incident. They supported the Civil Rights Movement. And, so, in true form, being together again prompted the best of good times on the weekend of June 10 in Port Washington.
The stars aligned providing perfect 75 degree weather for 3 days. Here are a few other notable numbers just for fun:
• Born in 1952- this reunion was the 52nd anniversary celebration
• Graduating in 1970-these graduates are now turning 70 (Did somebody say 17? No, 70! What. What?)
When asked what was the best part of the class reunion, classmate Billy Hoover said, “It makes you feel good to be recognized, and to recognize others in our class. I’m happy to be here!”
It’s such a life-affirming experience to rehash, reacquaint and realize shared experiences of growing up together. Of the 550 graduates, about 60, whom have died, were respectfully memorialized in pictures at the entrance to the party at Hendricks Tavern. In all, about 80 came from far and wide to attend— including Tony Dellavecchia who travelled the farthest, from Thailand.
Committee members Janet Palmer, Linda Delia, Steve Leigh, Russell Gilbert and Paul Pacent, planned for 3 years and made the weekend a success, down to the details of name tags with the Schreiber class photo visible. Because between aging and needing glasses to see the name tags, you can imagine the laughs!
Lucky class of ’70! They can claim Steve Leigh of Fathoms Hotel and Marina in Port and Gillis Poll of Bryant & Cooper, Hendricks Tavern and more. See? This graduating class still knows how to party! Everyone danced to 60’s and 70’s hits by the fabulous band, Decade Of Soul.
Thanks go to Salem School for allowing the ‘softball-septuagenarians’ to take the field, and Harbor Links for hosting the golfers, Hendricks Tavern and Fathoms.
Saturday night, while grouping together for a ‘class picture’ something wonderful happened. Suddenly, Gail Smith Issing, former cheerleader, broke out in the Port Washington Song and immediately, all joined in. Singing together! Talk about feeling good! Then, they sang it one more time, just because they could. Some wondered when they will celebrate and sing together again.
—Written by Ann Lombardo


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