School Budget


A community budget forum of the Port Washington Board of Education was held at Schreiber on Feb. 23. The main topic was the budget cap: the options up for discussion were to stay within the district’s 0.65 percent tax levy cap, which would necessitate cuts to various programs; versus a budget that exceeds the 0.65 percent but would carry an increase that would still stay under 2 percent and would preserve programs and include much needed staffing.

A member of the audience did some cogent math: “Piercing the tax cap would result in a $250 increase on a home valued at $650,000. This would result in an approximate increase of 0.04 percent, which in 25 years would equal 1 percent of a home’s value.”

Piercing the tax cap would require a 60 percent majority vote (versus the usual simple majority). Those in favor will need to work to get out the necessary vote.

—Marilyn Gilbert


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