Sands Point Shares Club Updates

The Village of Sands Point board of trustees

The Village of Sands Point met on May 22 for a monthly board of trustees meeting where the board discussed updates made to the Village Club of Sands Point. Updates included a pool renovation and improvements to the golf carts’ GPS.
Village of Sands Point General Manager Dana Cancellaro explained that the pool facility is almost completely rebuilt including a new kitchen, full bar and larger dining area to accommodate more members.

“There’s a lot of excitement around the new pool facility,” said Cancellaro. “It’s going to be gorgeous. “We have a great plan for it. People are very excited. The only thing we left was the pool. Everything was rebuilt around it. When you walk into the pool, across from you are both sets of locker rooms, the ladies are to the right and the men’s to the left and the pool deck is down to your right. We have all new furniture coming in.”
Additions were made to the golf carts’ GPS and the system now allows club goers to call the beverage cart to their location and warn guests when they are too close to an area they shouldn’t be driving by stopping the cart.

“What we’ve done is each one of the greens has been cut up into eight sections so it’s basically a grid,” said Cancellaro, explaining another new perk of the GPS. “The monitor on your cart tells you exactly which grid the pin is in that day since we move it every day. Before it would just tell you where the center of the green was and that wasn’t necessarily where the flag was.”

Also discussed at the meeting was a customer portal that would allow residents to monitor their own water usage from the convenience of their computer or iPad. The board tabled a contract with American Conservation and Billing Solutions, Inc. to provide the customer portal using the AquaHawk application because they felt it needed to be refined.

“This is just the last piece of the whole picture which was the personal user interface,” said Mayor Edward Adler. “The water department is serving that role now. A week and a half ago I was out of town and I got an email from Brian, ‘do you have something going on at your house because your name came up on the computer as a constant leak.’ I said, ‘no, I have nothing going on.’ I sent my daughter over and sure enough we have a rec room in the basement with a bathroom and toilet, the flap hadn’t seated properly so it’s unbelievable. It’s amazing how this system is constantly doing this.”

Approved at the meeting were the 2018-19 Fire and EMS protection contract with Port Washington Fire Department, a US Geological survey which the village received a grant for, engineering services for the water department building renovation project, replacement generator for village hall and revised drainage structure location plan at Bridle Path North and East and site work and equipment upgrades for the cellular site at Tibbits Lane.


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