Sands Point Proposes Changes To Boards


The Village of Sands Point Board of Trustees met on Jan. 23 to discuss proposed local law no. 1 of 2018 which amends chapter 132 of the Village Code titled, “Village of Sands Point Site Plan Review Law,” but the public hearing was pushed off for further discussion to the February meeting. The proposed amendments involve a change in the procedures of the planning board and zoning board to a similar way the two boards worked prior to 1996.

“Today, we have very few subdivision applications, but where we do, we feel the planning board should follow through more of a one-stop shopping concept, so that someone coming for a subdivision would be able to stay with the planning board,” said Mayor Edward Adler. “They would have jurisdiction to do the site plan review for the actual homes. That would mean someone doing a subdivision or purchasing a piece of property in that subdivision would not have to go to the zoning board as well except in the situation where there is a variance required.”

During the meeting, it was cited that the village’s water consumption went down considerably from previous years. Because Trustee Daniel Scheyer was not present, Adler gave a brief version of the water commissioner’s report, explaining that the village’s total water consumption in 2017 was more than 380 million gallons. This number is substantially lower from previous years such as the 431 million gallons consumed in 2014,456 million gallons in 2015 and 468 million gallons in 2016.

“The new digital metering systems are working,” said Adler. “We had, in recent months, 14 residents where the electronic software indicated that there would be a leak and there was a leak and other problems that were discovered when a physical inspection was made—a frozen pipe, a leaking toilet, a frozen pool bib and the total amount of gallons saved per month from discovering these leaks amounted to 2,800,000 from this electronic machinery. So for reasons we didn’t even really think about when we upgraded our meters to electronic meters, we are seeing great benefits to our residents who we are able to help discover problems with their water systems they were not aware of, so that is
the water report.”

Approved at the meeting included the consideration to hold a public hearing at the March 27 meeting regarding the village budget FYE 2018, the request from the Sands Point Garden Club for contribution for a commemorative plaque at the memorial garden located in front of Village Hall, appointments of Louis Silfin as a representative to the Hempstead Harbor Protection Committee, Michael Ertel as representative to the Manhasset Bay Protection Committee and Jennifer Birnbaum as alternate representative for both and the appointment of James Antonelli, P.E. of West Side Engineering as village engineer.
The next Village of Sands Point meeting will be held on Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. at Village Hall.