Roads In Bad Shape


Shame on the Town of North Hempstead (TONH), Nassau County and the NY State Department of Traffic for the continuous deteriorating of roads in and around Port Washington. I have called this to the attention of the aforementioned municipalities for at least the past three years with no remedial action by any of them. To cite just a few examples: Middle Neck Road in Port Washington, which is NY State Road 101; Central Drive; Plandome Road, a Nassau County road; Searingtown Road, just south of Northern Blvd. These are mere examples of the deplorable condition of roads within the TONH.

The abject neglect to resurface these, and quite likely other roads, is not only reprehensible but is a wanton disregard of the fiduciary responsibility which the taxpayers have entrusted TONH, Nassau County and NY State to discharge the services for which these taxpayers pay so dearly. It’s an outright dereliction of duty. Shame on these government officials.

—Stanley L. Ronell


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