Remind 101 Keeps The Classroom Connected


The new technology that has been around since 2011, Remind101, is a way for teachers and students to stay in contact. The purpose of this technology is to “give every student an opportunity to succeed.” Through a messaging system, parents and students are able to keep up to date on assignments, field trips and other information that is important to the class from the teacher.

Remind101 is used in more than 90 percent of U.S. schools around the country. It is a way for teachers to communicate to their students directly on their phones and keep them apprised of deadlines and due dates. With the change in technology, students are always on their phones; however, this is not all for social reasons, but to follow up on what is happening in all their classes.

This development, created by the Kopf brothers, makes it easier for students who might otherwise forget to hand in assignments on time. One of the founders, Brett Kopf, was diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder and dyslexia while still in school, and his brother, David Kopf, created this technology for Brett’s teachers to remind him of upcoming assignments. The outburst of the technology led to a realization that this could benefit not just students with learning disabilities, but all students who are trying to succeed in school. Students under the age of 13 do need parental consent to protect the privacy of young children and also to ensure that all information is kept private.

Those who may not be able to afford a data plan through their wireless provider, Remind101 is offered free of charge to all students and teachers due to the investment of large donors. Not only does it remind students about assignments, it also gives information about educational events and school activities. Students who might forget to copy notes from class or get the homework before leaving the room can access the information by directly messaging the teacher for the work. It helps the teacher as well as the student stay on track with the curriculum, thus involving the school community as a whole.

The messaging system can be accessed to students through an app or by texting the class code to a specific number. Parents find that it involves them more in their child’s education and keeps their child afloat from falling behind in their studies. Researchers have found that the more parents are included and informed about their child’s education, the better these children perform not only in school but in the real world.

With today’s emphasis on education and success in the real world, this technological program is an invaluable tool in the development of students throughout their years in school.


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