Regarding the Candidates for School Board


As ever, I feel lucky to live in a community where three such qualified and inspired candidates are running for the School Board. I feel especially lucky to know personally two of the candidates. Dave Kerpen, who many know as a successful businessperson, is as committed as anyone I’ve come across to finding innovative and frankly, new ways to support our district, and therefore our kids and our families. Dave is uniquely qualified to rally on our behalf. I know him above all else, to be a listener, which is unusual to begin with these days, but I know him also to take what he has heard and work hard to find real solutions. In this way, he is well-positioned to find ways to successfully fund the programs we need to keep our robust school system pumping and to address the ongoing concerns we all have as parents in this district. Besides all of that, when Dave says he’s going to do something, he does it.  A quick note also about Pete Smith, who I also know personally and whose commitment to and understanding of the dynamics of a town he has lived in his whole life is remarkable. A smart, practical, team player, Pete is uniquely qualified to pay close attention to the ongoing construction issues and projects facing our district—of which there are many.  We can’t go wrong here. The new voices and new advocates will benefit us all. And while I’m at it, vote yes to the budget!


Many thanks,

Beth Ain



B e t h  A i n


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