Rachel Gilliar For PW Board


I’m writing in support of re-electing Rachel Gilliar on the Board of Education. 

I have known Rachel for many years. Our children attend the same elementary school and are moving up to Weber this year. In addition, I know her professionally and have worked under her guidance, and have deep respect for her. Rachel is patient and methodical, while also creative and exuberant; a rare combination indeed. 

Rachel’s sharp intelligence and attention to detail, while also multitasking her many responsibilities and maintaining an all encompassing view has always inspired me. She inspires me as a parent, as a professional and as a visionary. Her calm, grounded and kind demeanor with a sense of humor and strong purpose is exactly what we need in a leadership position as our school system must adapt to unprecedented times.

She has the ability to be a pathfinder, to think outside the box in terms of new avenues to explore. She has the invaluable experience of prior service on the Board of Education and a deep knowledge of our school system. With a strong sense of fairness she understands the needs of students with learning differences. 

As a leader, Rachel has great communication skills, supported by a keen interest in learning and the ability to listen patiently to different viewpoints. She is the kind of person who doesn’t insist on her way, but rather will make the best decision in the interest of the community as a whole. 

Rachel cares equally about our children’s inner and outer environment. I’ve had the pleasure of working as one of the educators at Camp Invention, a cutting-edge STEM based summer camp, where she leads a wonderful experience that fosters student’s minds with creativity and innovation. In this camp, many of the projects are built with repurposed materials brought in by the campers. She creates a wonderful learning experience for students to explore and invent, surprising themselves in the process. She leads this camp with a strong sense of responsibility and always delivers excellence. 

We need her experience and excellence, intelligence and integrity, as we navigate an uncertain future. We don’t know what next school year looks like, but we do know that Rachel has what it takes to lead us.

It’s a pleasure and privilege to give her my full support. Please re-elect Rachel R. Gilliar as a Board of Education Trustee. 

Dr. Hildur Palsdottir
President of the Board of Trustees at the Science Museum of Long Island


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