Pulling Together To Support Planned Parenthood


On Nov. 15, Port Washington resident Amanda Khalil, who was devastated by the election results and the promised attacks on women’s health care, reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood, decided to take action by organizing and inviting her friends and community members to a grassroots fundraiser for Planned Parenthood of Nassau County (PPNC).

With more than150 attendees from a number of towns (including Port Washington, Manhasset, Garden City, Great Neck, Roslyn and beyond), the fundraiser at Louie’s Oyster Bar in Port Washington raised upwards of $12,500 for PPNC. PPNC board members, Amanda Perez Leder, Karen Seltzer and Robin Sigman—all Port Washington residents—as well as the president and CEO of PPNC, JoAnn Smith, also attended to thank the supporters and donors.
“I’m incredibly moved that over 150 residents gathered together on a rainy Tuesday with less than six days’ notice to support an organization we all very much believe in,” noted event organizer Amanda Khalil. “The solidarity and support was a bright spot for many of us during an otherwise troubling week.”

Smith reflected, “I was moved to tears by the outpouring of support from our community. Given this devastating new reality we are faced with, it’s the kindness and generosity of people like Amanda and those that gathered that night that will help us keep our doors open for the thousands of patients who look to PPNC for the care they need and deserve. We are truly grateful.”

—Julianna Classe


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