PSEG-LI Overhead Transmission Project


To Citizens of the Port Washington Community and Elected Officials:

The PSEG-LI overhead transmission line and tree trimming project promises to have a continuing, significant impact on the residential and commercial areas of Port Washington.

After the severe and prolonged lack of electrical service that occurred (under LIPA) as a result of Super Storm Sandy, it is understandable that PSEG-LI might see a need to update our electrical grid.

However, as President of the LWV of Port Washington-Manhasset, I also feel there is an obligation for much greater transparency in a project of such magnitude.

Neither PSEG-LI nor government officials made the community aware of the plans or scope for the project prior to its initiation. Most residents found out about the project after the installation of 80-foot poles and more intense trimming of trees along Port Washington Boulevard had already begun. While some have asked for the project to be stopped, PSEG-LI is continuing with it.

PSEG-LI has offered the community and elected officials a meeting on Monday, March 24 at 7:00pm at the Harbor Links Golf Club on East Shore Road, Port Washington. This meeting is billed as “an informational session” only. No provision is being made for community members to express their concerns, opinions or investigate options.

We feel it is imperative that information be exchanged in both directions, and that PSEG-LI make itself available to hear feedback from the community it wants to serve. Therefore, I urge all in the community not only to attend this important meeting, to become knowledgeable about the project and its impacts, but ask that PSEG-LI be prepared for public discourse at it as well.


Jane Thomas, President
League of Women Voters of Port Washington-Manhasset

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