PSEG: Civic Group Sees Progress


Thank you Supervisor Judi Bosworth and Councilwoman Dina De Giorgio for facilitating a productive meeting with PSEG to discuss the tremendous impacts PSEG’s 80-foot poles and aggressive tree trimming project have on the charm and character of Port Washington, the first Long Island locale to be named one of the best places to live in the U.S.

The goal of Residents For A More Beautiful Port Washington is to achieve reliable electric service for our community that coexists with a beautiful tree-lined Port Washington.

This meeting finally afforded Residents the opportunity to ask questions, lay out goals and express concerns.

Unfortunately PSEG informed Residents that the newly released $730 million in federal funding to upgrade Long Island’s electrical grids cannot be used to underground the new transmission line being added to Port Washington with unsightly 80-foot poles. PSEG reported those funds are only to upgrade existing lines. PSEG reported that since this is a new line, the rate payers would have to pay to bury it.

On a positive note, Residents did received the following assurances:

1. PSEG agreed to a public information meeting to provide rationale for the project and afford all residents the opportunity to ask questions.
2. PSEG agreed to look into utilizing Federal Funding to implement underground wiring on Main Street (an existing line that would be a candidate for federal funding).
3. PSEG agreed to look into mitigating the impact of the current project with wire friendly tree plantings.
4. PSEG agreed to remove every duplicate pole before leaving the project.

We look forward to hearing more detail on these commitments at the upcoming public meeting.

We thank all concerned citizens who advocated for greater public discourse. By working together, we will realize the greatest possible outcome for the future of Port Washington.

We remain focused on reliable electric service that co-exists with a beautiful tree lined Port Washington.

—The Board of Directors
Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington