Private Film Screening


SPREADSTORY091615APort Washington is proud to host a screening of Girl on the Edge, a film by Jay Silverman, at Port Washington Cinemas at 7 p.m. on Sept. 30. Based on a true story, Girl on the Edge chronicles a young girl’s journey from crisis to healing through wilderness therapy. The film is a moving account of how one can find strength even when one is at a time where he/she is most vulnerable.

Thanks to a partnership with Silverman Productions, the screening will benefit Sky’s the Limit Fund, a nonprofit organization committed to helping families in crisis respond to the struggles of their adolescent children and young adults. Today’s youth are faced with issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, self mutilation and bullying. Left untreated, these issues will have lifelong implications, often ending in suicide or overdose.

The mission of Sky’s the Limit Fund is to support families of youth in crisis through wilderness therapy programs. Wilderness therapy programs provide effective, personalized therapeutic care, achieving long-lasting improvement. This form of treatment comes with a high price tag, which is often unattainable for many families. Sky’s the Limit Fund provides guidance and financial support to families in need. The vision of Sky’s the Limit Fund is for youth to achieve their full potential as healthy and valued members of society.

This movie has not yet been rated. Children under 15 should be accompanied by an adult. To reserve tickets for this screening, visit Email with any questions.