Preserve Hempstead Harbor


I visited Sea Cliff recently and saw signs everywhere protesting the construction of several large housing projects about to go up in Glen Cove. Together those housing units will add thousands of people to the population of that peninsula with the corresponding increase in traffic and congestion as well as the loss of open space.

We can help prevent the same thing from happening in Port Washington by creating the Hempstead Harbor Nature Sanctuary on the 240 acre area opposite Hempstead Harbor. If that area is ever sold to developers there could easily be thousands of units of housing built on that much land. Let’s preserve at least some of the natural areas of our lovely peninsula and give the creatures that live or migrate through a chance at survival. It is too late to stop the building in Glen Cove. Let’s not wait till we too have to put signs in our front lawns protesting the loss of the last large swarth of natural habitat in Port Washington.

–Seth Ehrlich


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