Preschool Celebrates Chanukah

The children making Challah bread.
The children making Challah bread.

The children of the Florence Brownstein Preschool at Chabad of Port Washington celebrated the Festival of Lights, Chanukah on Friday, Dec. 16.

They spent the day working hard on arts and crafts and made their own beautiful Menorahs, creating them with paint palettes and wood. As a Chanukah gift to give to a loved one, they framed an adorable photo of themselves on a box to hold trinkets and other small items. The children drew a large crowd as they performed in their own Chanukah show.

They also baked Challah in the shape of a Menorah and decorated a dreidel-shaped rice crispy treat. Appropriately, the children were given gelt, which was started as a tradition in the 17th century when parents gave money to their children to give to their teachers during the holiday. After all of that hard work, the students took a well deserved break and ate delicious potato latkes. Everyone involved agreed that it was an absolutely wonderful time, as they look forward to lighting their homemade Menorah with their families this year.


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