Twin brothers Mitchell and Joey Levine have launched their website,, which allows friends and families to make a contribution to a listed charity encouraging athletes to achieve a personal record (PR) in their chosen sport. The boys explain, “We wanted to build a platform that allows fellow athletes to raise money for a worthy cause through the use of athletic achievement.” Joey is a three-season track star at Schreiber High School, where the team just won the Nassau County Cross Country Championship, and Mitchell is cocaptain of the Boys Varsity baseball team.
The boys have already expanded the effort to other sports through the recruitment of fellow athletes to take leadership roles responsible for promoting the cause in their sport. These cocaptains include: Robert Konoff (soccer), Madeline Lane (tennis), Madeline Lavin (crew), Michael Nachman (crew) and Lizzy Witkow (softball). “The great thing about the project is that athletes are always trying to achieve some form of a personal record in their sport. Thus, we feel the scalability of the fundraising is huge and can be expanded to other school districts through additional team leaders,” explained Joey. The boys hope to perpetuate the idea by passing on leadership roles to underclassman. Logistically, donations are made directly to the selected charity, so there are no funds to handle or direct. All contributions are fully tax deductible.
Sponsors have already jumped on board and are offering prizes to top fundraisers. They include Arena Sports, Power 10 Gym and Frozen Ropes of Syosset. The list of sponsors is sure to grow.
“We are very proud that our student athletes have found a way to raise money through their love of sports”, said Peter Witkow, owner of Frozen Ropes in Syosset. At this time, donations can be made to one of several charities and include: The American Cancer Society; Breast Cancer Advocacy through The Young Survival Coalition; Hearts PW, which raises funds for artistic enrichment programs in Port Washington; Prostate Cancer Detection advocacy through IMF Cares; and Port Rowing. “Mitchell and Joey should be highly commended for implementing their vision of giving though athletic achievement and actually bringing their goal to fruition. They have shown a very impressive level of leadership and organizational skills in their development of PR4acause,” remarked Damon Gersh, founder of HeartsPW.
Anyone interested in becoming part of the PR4acause team should email
—Michael Levine


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