Port’s Green Team Roll Of Honor

Members of Port Washington Green Team
Members of Port Washington Green Team

Residents For a More Beautiful Port Washington (Residents) is excited to announce the addition of over 50 new students to their environmental Green Team. Residents work with local community organizations to provide environmental hands-on education for students grades 1 through 5.

Through the environmental passport program sponsored by the Jagger Foundation, students are invited to take the extra step to extend their environmental learning beyond the classroom.

Those who complete their environmental passports are then recognized as Green Team Leaders and participate in a variety of programs throughout the year in their schools and community such as planting gardens, community cleanups and brainstorming innovative new solutions to local environmental issues.

Most recently, these students worked with the Schreiber Tree Huggers to brainstorm and create permanent signs in all of the Port Washington elementary schools to encourage their classmates to make greener choices.

The following students will join the Green Team for the 2015-16 school year:

Savannah Aarons
Emelia Adler
Jake Beberman
Shayna Blumenfeld
Olivia Bogensberger
Matthew Cichon
Steven Constantopes
Isabella Didriksen
Gavin Duran
Ryan Farrell
Estella Gallo
Jane Garcia
Hannah Gentry
Harry Germain
Rorey Graff
Sabrina Grossman
Sophie Hainline
Maya Hay
Natalie Horioglu
Victoria Kaufman
Sienna Kohn
Dylan Kolomer
Ofri Konfino
Eva Krell

Gracie Mallon
Mia Marshall
Jackson McGuire
Grayson Meister
Flavia Munoz
Hayden Nadboy
Ben Ollendorff
Olivia Palatnik
Leah Rauch
Rachel Renna
Connor Roditi
Ryo Saito
Sam Sherman
Stevyn Sombrotto
Laila Spezio
Holly Sternlicht
Dara Stulberg
Steven Theodoropoulos
Delaney Thomas
Alice Tropp
Antonella Vergara
Ryan Vincente
Adam Yildiz

To become a green team leader, go to www.pwresidents/programs/environmental-passport, select a grade level for the 2014-15 school year and scroll down to complete the passport.


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