Port Welcomes Foot Kiosk


Don Chul Shin, owner of Foot Kiosk located at 938 Port Washington Blvd., opened his new business on March 22 of this year. Shin created a spa where he and his staff focus on returning clients to their optimum health through foot reflexology and bodywork. The quality of their work is what is important to him. Although Foot Kiosk has just recently opened, they have already quite a few customers, according to Shin. “A lot of people come here to release daily stress.”Footkiosk042016B Footkiosk042716A Footkiosk042716C Footkiosk042716D

Shin started his career in South Korea in 2001, where he went to school for massage therapy and eventually became an instructor. He moved to Japan and continued his career. He then relocated to New York, where he graduated from the Swedish Institute for Health and Sciences with a degree in massage therapy. Much of his training focused on distributing energy and blood flow through the body’s 12 major meridian lines. He concentrates on the muscular system and stretching which, in his words, “is more powerful when combined as we address body circulation and tension.” He is also educated in reflexology but does not practice it in the traditional mode.

Shin has wanted to own a spa for a long time, but it was the birth of his daughter that helped him and his wife decide to go forward with the idea. They felt a very strong sense of responsibility for her and now their dream for a good future is becoming a reality. They are running their own business, doing something they love and Foot Kiosk has found a home in Port Washington.

According to Shin, “Port Washington was the nicest location for our business. In the past we visited restaurants in Port often, enjoyed the view of the water, began to venture out and fell in love with this town.” He is looking forward to being a part of the community.

The spa is serene. Shin designed it with a mix of both Italian and Asian styles. He wanted to create a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere.

Shin said, “I styled the rooms for inspiration and people say they love
it here, and I really appreciate that.”

They only use biotone creams and oils, which do not contain paraffin. Their prices are extremely reasonable and package deals are offered. If you would like more information about Foot Kiosk, call 516-918-9460 or visit their website at www.nyfootkiosk.com.



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