Port Washington’s First Annual Sustainable Garden Tour Is A Success


    Residents Given Inspiration on How They Can Create Water-Efficient Landscapes

    ReWild Long Island joined forces with the Port Washington Water District (PWWD) to launch the peninsula’s first ever Sustainable Garden Tour on June 18. Approximately 100 residents registered to tour six different homes and gardens who showcased how native plants and pollinators require less water to survive, while still providing beautiful landscapes. The event served as yet another step in the PWWD’s “Do It For Port!” campaign, which has provided the community with numerous opportunities to learn about water conservation and protection throughout 2022.

    PWWD Sustainable Garden Tour. (Contributed photo)

    “It was a pleasure to team up with the Port Washington Water District in putting this event together,” said Raju Rajan, president of the board at ReWild Long Island. “Promoting sustainable landscaping through native plants is our chief focus at ReWild Long Island, and we hope being able to provide residents with a firsthand demonstration on how their gardens can be beautiful, while still being climate and water-friendly, will generate more ReWilders.”
    “The Sustainable Garden Tour has been one of the most highly anticipated district events in recent memory, and we could not be happier with how it went,” said PWWD Commissioner Mindy Germain. “We are tremendously grateful to ReWild Long Island for their partnership in this event. They bring so much knowledge and expertise to the table. Seeing so many residents come out, show such dedication to water conservation, and commit to bringing sustainable practices to their own gardens is something of which we at the district are very proud.”
    Upon arriving at the ReWild Garden at Dodge as the tour’s starting point, residents were provided with a map of the homes on the trail, a plant list, and welcome gift. Each garden on the tour represented a different benefit of sustainable gardening, including providing food for pollinators, growing organic fruits or vegetables, attracting birds, providing a dog-friendly environment, dynamic use of small spaces, composting tips and low irrigation usage. While the many gardens on display were very different, they all make exceptional usage of native plants. Native plants require far less water to thrive than non-native plants, making them the perfect foundation of any beautiful, water-efficient garden.
    The PWWD’s “Do It For Port!” campaign has been a crucial aspect of the district’s public outreach programming throughout 2022. Through a series of webinars, in-person events and now the Sustainable Garden Tour, the campaign shows people their role in water conservation. To learn more about the PWWD “Do It For Port!” campaign and its past events, visit www.pwwd.org/conservation/do-it-for-port-educational-events.
    Residents are encouraged to visit www.ReWild.com to learn more about sustainable gardening, upcoming activities, and ways to get involved.
    —Submitted by the Port Washington Water District


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