“Port Washington: Through My Lens”


A photo exhibit by Roy Schneider
By Debbie Greco Cohen

Leeds Pond Perfect Sunset (Photo courtesy of Roy Schneider)

Port Washington resident and brilliant photographer Roy Schneider has spent countless hours taking pictures of our beautiful community. While there are no places in Port that could be considered mundane, Roy has an amazing skill of taking sights we experience every day and turning them into spectacular imagery.

Selecting just a dozen photos from the many images he provided for this year’s Nautical Museum exhibit was a difficult task, but those chosen do a wonderful job of depicting some of Port Washington’s most beautiful waterside spectacles.

To celebrate Port Washington’s beauty and Roy Schneider’s talented eye and lens, the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce proudly presents this year’s photo exhibit: “Port Washington: Through My Lens” by Roy Schneider. The exhibit is located in the “Pride of Cow Bay” Nautical Museum, located near the entrance to the Town Dock. Sponsored by Bayside Tax & Wealth, the exhibit will be unveiled on June 4 as part of the 31st HarborFest celebration.

Be sure to visit the exhibit while at HarborFest or afterwards. The exhibit will be on display until next year’s HarborFest celebration and is always “open” since the photos are viewed through the museum’s portholes and rear windows.

Manhasset Isle sunset (Photo courtesy of Roy Schneider)