Port Washington Fire Department Expansion Appeal


In reference to APPEAL #21209:

Dear Board of Zoning Appeals, neighbors, and emergency personnel,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you today in reference to the appeal of the plan for the expansion of the fire department headquarters on Port Boulevard, which will directly impact my quality of life and ability to pursue my studies effectively.

I have been a resident of this community for several years, and I have always appreciated the services provided by the fire department. However, the current situation regarding the headquarters’ proximity to my residence has presented numerous challenges for both myself and my neighbors. The expansion plans, which include a second parking lot and an ambulance garage directly below my bedroom window, will only exacerbate the issues we have been facing.

The existing office building, which also seems to serve as a central standby location for the medic company’s ambulances, has already been a source of ongoing disturbance. The Ambulances, Fire Department’s Chevy Silverado’s, Ford Explorers, and employee personal vehicles frequently come and go throughout the day. When the ambulances are present, they are often left idling in the front lot, emitting noise and diesel fumes for extended periods of time. The constant noise of running engines, the often blaring sirens, and the intrusive emergency lights have significantly disrupted the peace and tranquility of our nearby residential block for decades.

The proposed expansion will bring these issues to a whole new level of discomfort and inconvenience. Having a second parking lot and ambulance garage directly below my bedroom window means that the noise, fumes, and disturbances will be intensified. As a college student living at my mother’s house while I complete my classes at NYIT, it is crucial for me to have a conducive environment for studying, concentrating, and focusing on my academic pursuits. The existing disturbances have already made it more challenging to maintain my concentration, and I fear that the expansion will further hinder my ability to succeed academically.

My final, yet most important point with this letter is that 423 Port Washington Blvd is labeled by the town as the “PWFD Headquarters,” This is NOT A Fire Department, nor should it be treated as one. With a surplus of Firehouses spread across town, whether it be Protection Engine Co, Atlantic Hook and Ladder Co, Flower Hill Hose Co. or others, I feel that we have ample space to house ambulances at actual Fire Departments, not at a headquarters office. I, as well as many others, believe that this should Remain a headquarters only; A headquarters office should not gain an expansion to house and operate stand-by fleet vehicles.

I kindly request the board’s intervention in reconsidering the plans for the expansion of the fire department headquarters. While I understand the importance of providing necessary facilities for emergency services, I believe there must be alternative locations that can be explored to mitigate the impact on the surrounding residents.

I respectfully ask that the Board thoroughly evaluate the potential consequences of the expansion in terms of noise pollution, air pollution, and the overall disturbance it will cause to the neighborhood. I sincerely hope that the Board, and community members can help find a solution that balances the needs of the fire department with the rights and well-being of the affected residents.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter. I trust in the impartiality and fairness of the court’s decision-making process, and I remain hopeful that a just resolution can be achieved.

—Henry W.E Meyer, Port Washington